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Svante, Tore & Sébastien with accordionist extraordinaire Karen Tweed

Karen Tweed joined us for a concert at Örebro concert hall on April 6th 2018. We're hoping to do many more concerts together as a quartet!

Wissahickon Drive

Our take on one of Liz Carroll's fantastic tunes, Wissahickon Drive.

In Memory of Coleman and Maudabawn Chapel

Svante, Tore and Sébastien met up to record two of their favourite Ed Reavy reels. Enjoy!

Kid on the Mountain set

A set of jigs performed together with our favourite bassist in the whole wide world.

Splendid Isolation Set

This clip was recorded at Stallet, Stockholm on April 13th, 2015. This is a set of four tunes, starting off with one of Tore's compositions called Slobodan's reel, followed by Brendan McGlinchey's Splendid Isolation (first as an air, then as a reel), then The Yellow Tinker (trad), and lastly Glass of Whiskey which is another of Tore's great tunes.


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This is where we do our thing.

19 January 2018: Ceilidh, Burn's Night Celebrations, Stockholm

23 November 2017: Ceilidh, Stockholm

16 September 2017: Ceilidh, 60 years party, Stockholm

17 November 2016: Bolin Days (as part of FATS, private gig), Stockholm

10 September 2016: Glenntown Irish Music Festival, Göteborg

12 December 2015: The Leprechaun, Karlstad

11 December 2015: Wilmas musikpub, Arvika

5 December 2015: Dubé - Kvarnström - Abrahamsson, Örebro

14 November 2015: Dubé - Kvarnström - Abrahamsson, Östansjö

7 November 2015: Folkmusiknatta, Falun

5 November 2015: Samhain Festival, Stockholm

2 November 2015: Session hosts at Wirströms, Stockholm

19 October 2015: Session hosts at Wirströms, Stockholm

8 October 2015: House concert in Grönbo, Falun

28 September 2015: Concert followed by session at Hijazz, Uppsala

17 August 2015: Session hosts at Wirströms, Stockholm

8 June 2015: Session hosts at Wirströms, Stockholm

13 April 2015: Open stage at Stallet, Stockholm

16 March 2013: Falu Celtic Night, Falun

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